Yesterday (17.12.2009), the Education Minister, Mr Angel Gabilondo, and the Scretary of State, Ms Eva Almunia, presented Cosmolema at the Ministry’s headquarters. Cosmolema is a new application developed by Bestiario and it makes part of a new set of tools with which Escuela 2.0 is being equipped. In Ms Almunia’s words, “Cosmolema is the Ministery’s Chrismas gift to the pulpits”. This event was attended by Juan Aguado public school’s (Torre de Esteban Hambran, Toledo) pupils as well as the school’s head teacher and director, Ms Eva Garrido.

In its first version, Cosmolema, a complete lexicon of the Castilian language (730.000 words and over 10.000.000 interrelation) was used and the focus is on alphabetic relations of words. Alphabetic relations are those which arise by word transformation: addition, subtraction and change on the way letters are ordered in word. For instance, the words paro (a first person conjugation of the verb to stop) and ropa (clothes) are related because they are made out of the same letters ordered in a different way (this is known as an anagram).

Cosmolema has two main environments: exploration and games. The application allows navigating the Castilian language through these relations, thus promoting the discovery of its combinatory and generative richness. This allows the user to experience the tension and forces that give rise and transform our language, as well as giving him access to a huge vocabulary source.

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