The reMap interface we used to visualize visualcomplexity projects can be applied to many other collections. In fact the conditions are:

- to be a list of contents (more than 80)
- each content is tagged
- contents share tags
- each content has an associated image (or it is an image)

Therefore image collections and in particular photography collections are ideal sets of contents to be displayed using this interactive method. Our aim is to open the app to be freely used with any content set that observes the conditions. Off course Flickr and its sets is a big resource (but there are much more). In order to be informed about please follow Bestiario´s blog and twitter account.

By now we want to share three photography collections we fell in love with: Link Tessera

- Changing New York, 1935 – 1938, Berenice Abbott, from the New York Public Library’s photostream open

- Chicks, by merkley open

- Proyecto agua (water project), Antonio Guillén and students from the Instituto Batalla de Clavijo open

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