Impure is a visual programming language aimed to gather, process and visualize information. With impure is possible to obtain information from very different sources; from user owned data to diverse feeds in internet, including social media data, real time or ...Read More

The reMap interface we used to visualize visualcomplexity projects can be applied to many other collections. In fact the conditions are: - to be a list of contents (more than 80) - each content is tagged - contents share tags - each content has ...Read More

The Natural Science Museum of Barcelona Data Base contains 50.000 records so far collected along one century. Most of the register are mollusc, vertebrata and artropodes. They belong to places all .over the world. The Data Base will be updated ...Read More

Yesterday (17.12.2009), the Education Minister, Mr Angel Gabilondo, and the Scretary of State, Ms Eva Almunia, presented Cosmolema at the Ministry’s headquarters. Cosmolema is a new application developed by Bestiario and it makes part of a new set of ...Read More

Canvi & temps are two network browsing spaces built from a compilation of articles, pages, persons and links, all related with complexity in science. The research was carried out by Pau Alsina, Josep Perelló, Michele Catanzaro, Pere Monràs, Carles Tardío, ...Read More

This week Jose and Cristóbal installed in London's World Travel Market an application we developed in collaboration with DDB for navigating the turistic offer of the Islas Canarias. The interface, a circular navigating tree, was disposed in nine ...Read More