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Random picks 🎲

  • A clock where the time is in a song title: The Pudding (@puddingviz) created a playlist with songs that have the current time as the title. Also check out Women are superstars on stage but they don’t write songs about the gender bias in song writing

A clock where the time is in a song title


  • Banana republics: which country looks more like a banana? @sundellviz compares shapes to countries. Also creator of Not quite Europe, with the most similarly shaped countries to European countries.

The most banana-shaped country is UAE


  • Origin of languages: Visualisation about where our languages came from by @La_Lettura


  • Urbanistic Mondrian: Berlin’s land uses determine a custom Mondrian postcard at Kiezcolors by @TSBBerlin

Land uses postcard


Tool shed ⚒️

  • Modyfi: Collaborative, AI-native design & image-making platform. @Modyfi_


Memory lane 📽️

  • Wiby is a search engine for the old web, where hobbyists and academics wrote about subjects they where personally interested in, without ads nor monetary interest. If you go to you’ll get a random entry of this old “good” web. @wibyweb

Three spins in the dice


Word pool 🤽🏽

  • Berrypicking model of information retrieval: explains how we search for information, starting with an imperfect understanding, the first results are not precise but helps us get the vocabulary to ask the precise question (the good berries). The majority of the systems are too much to be intuitive, they need to be learnable by picking berries.

    More info at Jorge's Newsletter (@jarango)

The chronography of a Google search


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Post by Bestiario
November 29, 2023

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