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Random picks 🎲



  • Seeing cities as coral: What if cities were just the shadow of a giant coral?@CraigTalyorViz  created the coral cities, check them out! Even animated!

Coral cities

  • New trends in DALL-E 3: the generative ikea schematics (first seen here & here) & the Pixar movie posters are taking the world by the storm.

ikea like instruction schematics for assembling a product named 

A Pixar style poster from a movie called Bestiario… (did it nail the font too?!)


Tool shed ⚒️

  • On the sunny side of the bus: light vs darkness, day vs night. If you want to choose between those in your next travel make sure to check this webpage!


Learning path 📖

  • Is your data lacking fama? You are in luck, since the EU has released this interesting webpage with many suggestions! Bring your data to a whole new dimension (haha, get it?). 


Memory lane 🎥

  • Map-street boys: This webpage lets you explore current maps vs old maps for “any region” in the world (if the map exists).


New call-to-action

Post by Bestiario
December 19, 2023

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