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Random picks 🎲

  • ScratchMap: Load google maps data (locally) and enjoy the scratch map of places you’ve been! By @_benjamintd

  • Deep sea: feel like the lost submarine and scroll through the depths of the ocean! By @nealagarwal

  • WordStream: when streamgraph and wordcloud had a son. By @huyendoesstuff

  • Slide to unlock: get your fingers tangled up with this fun game by @cs_kaplan


Tool shed ⚒️

  • Shademap: finally know where you should grow your plants! by @shademap,2.1701,15z,1687336591658t,0b,0p,0m

  • Stable Diffusion QRs: Feed a QR into ControlNet and you’ll have a full working themed version.



Memory lane 📽️

  • Blog post about computer art from 50s and 60s by @amygoodchild.


Word pool 🤽

  • Clear craze: a design trend characterized by the widespread use of transparent or translucent objects from late 80s to early 00s. [w]




Post by Bestiario
December 6, 2023

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