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This month we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the latest articles in data and design which include how generative AI learns and its ability to create new emojis through a combination of existing ones or, how it can even generate audio. As we bid farewell to summer and for any sea-lovers out there, we include the largest animated database dedicated to knots. Enjoy!

We will be back next month with more bites from the net.


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Random picks 🎲

  • Shapes in images: Trending this month we saw mesmerising shapes inside AI generated images. Create your own at

  • Emoji Kitchen: Mix two emojis to create a new emotion 

  • How generative AI learns: an easy dive into the heart of LLMs by the Financial Times visual team.

  • Not knowing knots: go learn the knots that will make you a savy sailor in the biggest animated knot database


Tool shed ⚒️

  • Stable Audio: generate a musical minute according to your descriptio. You can listen to its creation named:



Memory lane 📽️

Keith Haring's Pixel Pioneer drawings





Post by Bestiario
December 14, 2023

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