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Random picks 🎲

  • 12,795 possessions: Barbara Iwein photographed everything she owned, all 12,795+ objects. Find the catalog here and the Guardian article here

  • How (not) to get hit by a self-driving car: avoid being recognised by the AI by doing non-human stuff by @studioplayfool and @tomokihara.


Also: avoid being run over by a tesla with the stop sign t-shirt

  • The password game: fight the rules to get the right password game by @nealagarwal


Tool shed ⚒️

  • Glifs: Nice and easy way to interact with AI models by running and customising pipelines to generate all kind of content. by @glifxyz

  • Chronotrains: See the area where you can go with less than 8 hours in train from a given location in Europe by @_benjamintd

  • mindless scrolling through nice web interfaces


Memory lane 📽️

  • Project cybersyn: was a Chilean project from 1971 to 1973 during the presidency of Salvador Allende aimed at constructing a distributed decision support system to aid in the management of the national economy. The project consisted of four modules: an economic simulator, custom software to check factory performance, an operations room, and a national network of telex machines. If you want to know more about this topic a new podcast has dropped: or you can listen to the 99% invisible episode.


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Post by Bestiario
December 12, 2023

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